5 Signs Your Man Is Cheating on Valentines Day

February is the most attractive month to women all across the United States. Because of Valentine’s Day, most women have no idea that when their mate tells them, they can’t make it that there’s genuinely something much more sinister going on behind the scenes. You asked about mail cheating, that’s right, ladies Valentine’s Day Valentine’s week Valentine’s month is the time where women get massacred every single year millions of women around the country find out that they’re not the one I call it Valentine’s Day.

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I’m going to teach you how to know that you’re not the one on Valentine’s Day. Here are the top five signs for you to familiarize yourself with so that you can protect yourself and not end up all by yourself on Valentine’s Day. Are you ready here? We go one if your man tells you that he has to work or has to go out of town on Valentine’s Day, you’re not the one every man knows that he’s got to be there on Valentine’s Day? It’s built into our DNA. We know that Valentine’s Day is your day, ladies, so if we’re not there on the day of it’s because we’re spending that time with someone else your man’s phone is off on Valentine’s Day.

We all know the Day of valentine’s Day is a special day for women. We want to be accessible. A faithful and committed man wants to be accessible to his woman. He wants to remind her that she’s special on the day of if a man doesn’t have his phone on the day that is supposed to be all about you. I mean, what other message is there to say? I don’t want to talk to you to turn your phone off to the woman that you’re supposed to spend your time with. The odds are he’s spending that time with someone else.

Three if a man is getting happy Valentine’s Day sexting from another woman, you’re not the one photos of her and the nude the part with the bikini photos of her and a memorable valentine’s day outfit. If he’s getting those from another woman to say happy valentine’s day come on you, you’re not the one for a man asked to spend the day. After Valentine’s Day with you, you’re not the one point-blank ladies a man knows that this is your day. So he saves that day if you’re the one if he needs to spend the day after, with you, it’s probably because he has another obligation on Valentine’s Day to get my meaning and you’re not the one.

Number five, if your man requests to spend day time with you and says he can’t be there in the evening, you’re not the one valentine’s day is not Valentine’s Day. It’s valentine’s night. It’s all about spending the loving hours with your woman to show her that she is unique, that’s right, dinner candlelight romantic music, and we have a real Valentine’s Day. So if he’s asking you out to breakfast on Valentine’s Day and not spending the rest of the day with you, or he’s not going to rejoin you that evening, the odds are he’s spending that time with someone else. You’re not the one, so there you have it the top five signs that you’re not the one on Valentine’s Day.

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If your man is truly your man, he will want to spend Valentine’s Day with you; he’ll make it memorable for you because he knows that that day is about you if your man’s not doing that for you ladies, then he’s not the one.


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